Our Outreach Number:


  • 4D translanted www.compassalliance.org into Turkish. This way, we accomplished our principle of equality in opportunity supporting the FRC teams in all aspects.


  • Team 6429 organized an unofficial Kick-Off event with the attendance of both FRC and FLL teams. Through various presentations and workshops about
    mechanics, programming, advertisement, awards, public relations and safety; 4D formed a unity among FRC teams in the region.


  • We have become a member of FIRST Help Now, a 24/7 Call Center created by 3132 so as to master in gracious professionalism by helping numerous FRC teams all around the world.


  • On 16 January 2018, Team 6429 informed 8th graders from Karşıyaka Bahçeşehir College about FRC. Our little ones showed interest in the FIRST message and were encouraged by 4D to become the future scientists.


  • Between 22nd and 26th January 2018, we organized our second science camp at HUGOBOSS Factory as volunteers of Bilim Kahramanları Derneği. During these trainings, 4D had great fun with our youngsters while providing an opportunity to be included in STEAM activities. As 4th Dimension, our mission is to empower next generations without any gender discrimination and with the help of the opportunities that FIRST and STEAM provide us.
  • Concordantly, we organized our first seasonal STEAM DAYS activity on the 10th of February 2018 at EBILTEM. The organization featured 7 professional speakers informing the audience of innovation, entrepreneurship, starting a business, industry 4.0 & society 5.0, STEAM in class, open innovation and design in business. Additionally, STEAM days powered by 4D strengthened the relations through attendance of two FRC teams (ACI 35 & Roctopus) and two FLL teams, one being our mentees.


  • On February 15th 2018, Team 6429 attended the second Asteroid Mining and Meteoroid Science Workshop and exchanged ideas on FRC and spreading STEAM with Dr. Michael E. Zolensky, Stardust, Cosmic Dust, Hayabusa & Microparticle Impact Curator from NASA Johnson Space Center. 4D made a presentation about STEAM, FIRST & FRC in Akhisar Bahçeşehir College on February 16, 2018 and we answered their questions about our overall approach and what we do in order to improve our community.


  • 6429 made a conference video call via Skype with FRC Team 7153, Aetosdios from the USA. We are proud to share our experiences with a team that was formed with the impact of 4D.


  • On 27 February 2018, Team 4th Dimension was featured in Milliyet News. Through media, we reached over 132,000 people by managing to expand our network and sharing our initiatives of raising dedication and commitment amongst the society.


  • Our team member Zeynep Naz Avcı appeared on the radio programme of Turkish Radio Television (TRT).


  • In cooperation with FRC teams ACI35 and OKSEF; we informed the community of FRC, FIRST and our projects. Strengthening the unity between FRC teams in our region, we managed to exchange ideas and share our experiences.
  • On March 3 2018, Team 6429 volunteered in Coderdojo programming event in order to encourage the youth in STEAM activities; starting with application designing, Scratch and an introduction to FIRST Lego League. Through outstanding respect and appreciation for engineering, 4D took a step further in terms of balancing the world in accordance to their social responsibility.


  • On 3-4 March 2018, 4D volunteered in the FLL Regional Tournament, Izmir. Besides, our mentees Team Olympus, Team 4th Vision and Team Quasar attended the tournament. Additionally, Team Olympus was awarded with the ‘’Research Award’’.


  • Team 6429 launched the 4DEnvironment mobile application on March 10. In terms of environmental awareness, our application includes general information about carbon footprint, ways to reduce our carbon & water footprint, a survey and a carbon footprint calculator for FRC teams. Thanks to 4DEnvironment, we brought a new dimension for environmentalism in FRC.


  • Team 6429 appeared in countless newspapers such as Milliyet, Hürriyet, Posta, Yenigün, 9 Eylül, Haber Ekspress. In this way, we reached more than 856,000 people through media.


  • On March 14 2018, Team Junior Dimension attended the FLL Jr. Tournament as being mentored and fully founded by Team 4D.


  • On March 19 2018, we attended a meeting of FuckUp Nights İzmir and made a speech about how we overcame the difficulties along our path since the establishment of our team.


  • Team 4th Dimension started a project called “4DIMENSIONAL Science Magazine” (Dört Boyutlu Bilim). This project includes the publishment of seasonal magazines that include assorted experiments for kids to encourage them in STEAM activities. In addition, a number of 10,000 4DIMENSIONAL Science Magazines are being published to be distributed for children in disadvantaged areas around Turkey. Particularly, each experiment on the magazine has a QR code leading the viewers to the experiment videos which were shot by our team.


  • Team 6429 proudly presented its STEAM curriculum and Training of Trainers program to Güzelbahçe Directorate of Education: 4DCoding. The STEAM curriculum of 4D is now ready to be spread out to more children who are waiting to be shaped for the future.
  • On 1st of April 2018, Team 4th Dimension volunteered in the FLL Jr. Tournament which was held in Sevinç College and spent an enjoyable time supporting STEAM activities for children from an early age.


  • We had a sponsorship meeting with AYPRO on 3rd of April.


  • On 7th of April 2018, Team 6429 organized the second seasonal STEAM Days event: Spring STEAM Days. In order to develop a better understanding of the importance of STEAM activities throughout the community, Spring STEAM Days drew attention to the principles of the 21st century. Furthermore, our event included speeches by experts about Industry 4.0, Society 5.0, education & technology relationship, discovering our talents, maker activities and the true meaning of happiness.


  • On April 17 2018, we were volunteers in World Championship for field assembly.


  • On 18-21 April 2018, we were at the Houston World Championship 2018. We became the first Turkish team to be awarded the Judges’ Award in their first veteran year in World Championship between 135 teams.
  • On May 6 2018, we attended Wings For Life World Run on behalf of Sosyal Ben Vakfı.


  • We attended Business Global Forum which was held in İstanbul Bahçeşehir University on May 12-13 2018.


  • On May 13, we were with Enver Yücel, founder and chairman of Bahçeşehir & Uğur Educational Institutions. We told him our future plans and exchanged ideas on FRC.


  • On May 17, we were delighted to have our little friends as the graduates of “Inspire The Future” project, which we started on October 13, 2017 in Hamdi Dalan Primary School,Güzelbahçe Ali Bayırlar Middle School and kindergarten . During the year, we gave coding and robotics education with Ev3 and WeDo sets. Working with future scientists was a great experience for us. We learned a lot while we were educating them.


  • On 18 May, 4D has attended to Training of Trainers program in Gümüldür.


  • On 22 May, we had a sponsorship meeting with Mustafa Memiş from IPEC.


  • We volunteered in our local WRO tournament on 25 May.


  • On 31 May, we have welcomed our new members to 4D family.
  • On 4 June, Burak Kuralkan, Yasemin Aka and Ferruh Başol from Solidworks visited us and we had a meeting.


  • Also on 4 June, our 1st generation members graduated from FRC.


  • On 5 June, we visited Raunt in Ankara to thank them for their sponsorship.


  • On 26 June, we had a meeting with Open Campus to discuss the
    details of SCAMP.
  • On 9-13 July, we organized our third science camp at HUGOBOSS
    Factory as volunteers of Bilim Kahramanları Derneği.


  • On 25-28 July, On 25-28 July, we have organized SCAMP Entrepreneurship and Innovation Camp with Açık İnovasyon Deneği in Urla Open Campus. With our friends (aged 15 to 18), we attended new lessons and activities while developing our skills and having fun. Feedbacks we had were mainly positive, thus we are planning to organize this camp next year.
  • On 15-18th of August, we were representing our country as Team Turkey in FIRST Global Challenge which was held in Mexico. We were awarded with a bronze medal in Innovation in Engineering and Safety Award. Our accomplishment was also on newspapers.
  • We were at Open Campus for the organization “HacknBreak” on 1-9th of September. HacknBreak is a technology, science and design festival that is organized every year since 2015 with nearly 1000 participants. We volunteered for nine days and learned new things while having fun.


  • On 6-9th September, we attended the Game-Off Season Kickoff event. We exchanged ideas about our robot and interacted with other teams. 


  • We had a meeting with Selin Şekercioğlu and Zorlu Holding.


  • 4D took place at Izmir Maker Faire, which allowed them to have a stand and spread their mission of spreading the FIRST message alongside STEAM principles. Moreover, they contacted numerous renown foundations and companies.


  • We volunteered in LEGO Education STEM Days, organized by Teknokta. It was a great pleasure for us to encourage our youngsters to become future makers, coders and innovators through the path we’ve taken.


  • Team 6429 presented their themselves and outreach to the newcomers of Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology. Additionally, they inspired the freshmen to get involved in STEAM based FIRST events, including FLL, FTC and FRC.


  • 4th Dimension made a presentation about FIRST Lego League. Also we presented FIRST Tech Challenge, which is a new organization in Turkey. We encouraged more than 300 students to take part in our FTC team that will be one of the first ever Turkish teams to compete actively in a season.
  • Bahçeşehir Schools Science and Technology High Schools Coordinator Şirin Güney Özenç visited our school. We presented our projects and robot. We had a meeting with Professor Doctor Canan Abay, the vice rector of Ege University.


  • We have visited FRC team Butterfly Effect. Together we shared our experience and helped them.


  • General Director of Bahçeşehir Schools Özlem Dağ visited our school. We presented our projects and robot.


  • Hamdi Özkardeş visited us in our school to listen to our projects, robot and team.


  • We have organized Fall STEAM Days on 12 October. In order to develop a better understanding of the importance of STEAM activities throughout the community, Spring STEAM Days drew attention to the principles of the 21st century. Our event included speeches about social entrepreneurship, writing our own story and industrial designing.


  • On October 16th 2018, 4D held a Gender Equality Forum (GEF) in light of the team mission statement of empowering next generations without any gender discrimination. Highlighting the importance of equal rights for all genders, GEF drew attention to preventing gender imbalance through 3 influential speeches. Not only did we reach over 76 children during GEF, but also informed them about beginning a Start-Up. After the Start-Up Presentation, kids attended the Start-Up Workshop powered by 4D. During the workshop, kids designed their own Start-Ups in groups having an equal number of girls and boys.


  • We organized a Black&White party at our school. In this event, Team 6429 prepared all the props and raised funds for the team budget to arrange STEAM activities.


  • On 19-22 October, Team 6429 took place in Turkish Off-season event. We were awarded with the Engineering Inspiration Award and the Winner Award. Our success was also on the newspapers.


  •  On 23rd of October we attended “Future Tellers” and gave a workshop called “Coding In Every Dimension”.


  • We had a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of Ege University.
  • We had a meeting with Selcan Kayahan at Bahçeşehir Science
    Center in Karşıyaka, İzmir to talk about our project
    “Inspire the Future”.


  • We spent a good time mentoring FLL team RoboDimensions.


  • We had a meeting with the members of Kaymakam Özgür Azer Kurak Primary School’s FLL Team and sharing our
    FLL experiences.


  • We made a MissionFIRST presentation in Adnan Mazıcı Primary School.


  • We had a meeting with Bornova’s District Director of National Education Kadir Kadıoğlu and presenting our curriculum “4D Coding”.


  • We introduced ourself to Bornova’s Mayor Olgun Atilla in our school.
  • We made a MissionFIRST presentation in Cemil Meriç Secondary School.


  • We organized “Training of Trainers” program.


  • We started our “Inspire the Future” project in Bahçeşehir College Karşıyaka Science Center with our friends from BİLSEM.