Our Outreach Number:


  • After we set our minds on FRC, our first meeting as a team was on the 25th of July, 2016. We talked about what it would be like, differences with FLL, etc.


  •  On the 8th of July 2016, our FRC Team’s programming department
    visited Univera Computer Systems Business and Industry Company. It
    was such a beneficial experience for us to find new and effective ideas,
    by courtesy of Seçkin Karabacakoğlu and Ozan Selvi.
  • Between 20th and 27th of August 2016, we participated in Hack’N Break, which was the first Open Innovation Camp in Turkey. In that organization, we met numerous companies (from Hürriyet to Google, Mentors Network Turkey to TEMSA and EnerjiSa…) and introduced ourselves to the CEO’s, leaders and start-ups. We made a presentation in StartupTalks and also talked on stage at the closing ceremony. It was a beneficial organization. It helped us to improve our presentation, leadership and listening skills. Also, we had patent-making process, IoT and Arduino courses and a lot more.


  • On the 29th-31st August and 1st of September 2016, we had an
    exhibition stand in Izmir International Fair (Mini Maker Faire). We
    introduced our school’s robotics team, 6 axed robotic arm that we had
    built, FIRST and FRC to the visitors.


  • On the 31st of August 2016, we were nationally broadcasted on TV and talked about who we are and what we are doing.
  • On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September 2016, Team 6429 volunteered for Bilim Kahramanları Derneği in Izmir Mini Maker Faire. We helped lots of children while they were building up LEGOs and spread out FLL.


  • On the 19th of September 2016, 4D talked in the school opening
    ceremony and gave information about the relations between school and
    FRC to about 150 students, parents and teachers. Even this relationship
    looked like a function!


  • 4D attended FRC Turkey Off-Season Kick-Off event on 29th of September, 2016. It was a great meeting with different teams around Turkey. After we received our Kick off kits, we rolled up our sleeves for the 6-week building season.
  • On the 2nd of October 2016; one of our team members, Su Hazal Çallı, swam open water in Asics Çeşme Weekend to help raise donation for building an innovation lab. This robotic-based lab, which will be the first in İzmir, is fully dedicated to young disadvantageous children.


  • On the 10th of October 2016, we attended StartUp Turkey in İstanbul.
    This event was highly fruitful as being a milestone for our future path.


  • On the 20th of October 2016, we organized a workshop called “Learn
    to Build” for children aged between 6-9. 29 children showed up in our workshop. 14 of them were 9 years old and 9 of them were 8; as a result, we realised that only 20% of the children were aged 6-7 and this statistic led us to plan more activities for pre-school children. The workshop was about teaching the names of the tools for them to build their “dreambot”. Afterwards, 4D provided them an oppotunity to build their dreambots under strict safety rules 
  • On the 6th of November 2016, our team member, Bora Karaman,
    attended the first mentor meeting as a mentor of FLL Team Thundercats.
  • On the 11th of November 2016, 4th Dimension arranged a kermes which was dedicated to affording robot building parts and succeeded more than we expected. During the sales, we talked about FIRST® and FRC from the poster we prepared. The kermes created an opportunity for us to tell our adventure for about 500 kids, our future, since witnessing the will and sparkle in their eyes made us love what we do one more time. We didn’t forget to put our positive energy to our products, that’s why they were loved a lot.
  • On the 17th of November 2016, we went to an animal shelter to donate pillows and blankets for protecting our little friends from coldness. We also got informed about their current conditions and the shelter.
  • On the 19th-21st of November 2016, we attended II. Turkish Off- Season Event. This was important to bring The Regional to our country. In this event, we had the opportunity to taste the feeling of being a FRC team and see our weak points.
  • After the II. Turkish Off-Season, on the 23rd of November 2016, we had an after meeting to list our pros & cons. This made us more prepared for our regional 
  • On the 8th of December 2016, 4D organized a workshop about programming EV3 to children that are aged between 10 and 14.


  • We attended the Izmir Enterprise Summit to introduce FIRST and Team 6429 to Aegean Region. Being participants at the summit gave us the opportunity to meet with angel investors and find the professional entrepreneurs to help us with both technical and managerial issues. Plus, the seminars helped us improve our entrepreneurship skills. Thanks to Izmir Enterprise Summit, we were recognized and reached more than 100 people.


  • On the 16th of December 2016,  as sponsorship crew, we attended a Meetard which was held by VOLTURK. It is a company which is dedicated to spread STEAM activities throughout Turkey by arranging maker movements. 4D introduced the mission and FIRST message to the guests and also to the founders of the company, Kemal Özdemir. Thus, we reached 20+ people from different cities. Team 6429 gave information about 3D printers & VR and how to use them professionally. All in all, we are working to start maker movements together with VOLTURK.